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Resin-bond Diamond Wheel

Resin-bond Diamond Wheel

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BondResin Bond

AbrasiveDiamond / CBN

Grinding ways Mainly used for top,face and side grinding

Grinding process: Rough grinding, Semi finish grinding, Finish grinding and Polishing

Workpiece material:

    Tungsten carbide, High speed steel, Cermet, Porcelain, Optical glass, Silicon wafer, High-alumina porcelain, Agate gem, Semiconductor material, etc.


    Cemented carbide tools / molds, Woodworking tools, Auto parts, 3C industry, etc.


  ·High Efficiency  

  ·High precision

  ·sharp cutting

  ·Perfect surface

  ·Long life

  ·Consistency of self-sharpening  

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Basic shapes of grind wheels:

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